Podcast Spotlight: Houwzer CPO Discusses Creating A Top-Class Employee Experience

People are the heart of any successful business, and Houwzer is no exception. Houwzer’s Human Resource office supports current employees so that they can do their best and ensures that the team that works together, wins together.

The People Analytics podcast is built for experts in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition to learn about effective strategies in the growing field of People Analytics. This week, Houwzer’s Chief People Officer Bennett Andelman discusses the logistics behind creating a top-class employee experience with host Lindsay Patton.

The conversation touches on the importance of thinking outside the box as an HR professional, the creative side of HR, the importance of offering employee perks and incentives, and how it all relates back to brand strategy, acquisition, and retention.

Andelman has over 20 years of experience in marketing and communications. Prior to Houwzer, Andelman spent 11 years building an in-house brand agency and oversaw 30 marketing strategists and creatives. This allowed him to build deep expertise in both people management and creating a positive, meaningful work environment for employees.

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